Brew strategies

We will actively showcase and provide multiple Enchantment strategies. The benefit of short Enchantment cycles is the ability to generate yield quickly through short sprints, where the Spell NFT determines the duration and yield amount. For example, you can claim your Enchantments after 7 days with the highest booster, after 16 days with the lowest booster, or after 30 days without a booster. The brew duration is flexible beyond the required 30 days or the days which belongs to the boosters. This means you can also choose to brew passively for one year or even longer. However, please note that the principals will only be available again after this year, so earlier ending the brew process would result in losing some of your tokens and yield. This approach with several durations helps to avoid sell pressure and prevents everyone from selling their tokens or burning the tokens at the same time, creating a more sustainable yield generation system.

What does a cycle look like? Let's assume you have a booster of 100%, and you throw your liquid HOC tokens into a Cauldron. After 7 days, you can burn your Cauldron, get your tokens back, and receive yield. You can use the yield to start a new brew process (compounding) or invest it every 7 days in one of our partner platforms, where diverse HOC strategies are integrated.

If you forget to claim your Cauldron, the APY will not accumulate after the required days and there are no penalties involved. However, you will miss out on the potential to generate more yield since you forgot to claim the yield and invest it again.

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