The Hocus Pocus tokenomics are based on the 5555 club, where we consider 555,500,000,000 tokens as the total supply. The allocation of Hocus Pocus tokens goes to the WIZ holders and WIZ sellers from the FREE Hocus Pocus sacrifice. Additionally, 3% of the total supply is allocated for a claim (airdrop) for the PulseChain sacrificers and the remaining supply goes into the liquidity pool.

Although the tokens are slightly inflationary, we have integrated various deflationary factors. 1. Free HOC tokens for WIZ sellers will probably not be claimed, so the total supply will never be claimed and burned after 6 months.

2.When starting the Cauldron NFT, your principals will get burned, resulting in a fluctuation in the circulated supply, especially with the several yield cycles.

3.The buy and burn function involves buying HOC tokens and burning them.

4.The treasury buys HOC tokens and also burns them.

5.Unfortunately, even with the short yield cycles, people will end the brewing process early, resulting in a lower total supply.

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