Farming/Pools Card Information

The heart of the Farming Wizard lies in its comprehensive Farming/Pools Cards, each representing a farm or pool from a specific MasterChef contract within the PulseChain ecosystem. These cards provide users with vital information to make informed decisions about their participation in a particular farm or pool.

1. Emission Percentage

At the top of each card is the emission percentage, a key metric that defines the rate at which new tokens are issued within the farm. Emission represents the reward distribution and is crucial for users to gauge the potential returns from their participation in a specific farm.

2. MasterChef Identification

The card clearly identifies the MasterChef contract associated with the farm, providing users with transparency and allowing them to differentiate between various MasterChefs.

3. Displayed Farms or Pools

Users can easily discern which farms or pools are being showcased on a specific card. This transparency ensures users are aware of the assets they are staking and the opportunities available within the selected MasterChef contract.

4. Potential Deposit or Withdrawal Fees

The Farming/Pools Card includes information about potential deposit or withdrawal fees associated with the farm. This transparency allows users to factor in additional costs when planning their farming strategies.

5. Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

One of the most critical metrics for any provider is the APR. The card provides users with the current APR, indicating the annualized rate of return on their deposited assets.

6. Daily APR for Your Deposit Amount

For a more granular understanding, the card displays the Daily APR specifically tailored to the user's deposit amount. This allows users to estimate their daily earnings based on their current investment.

7. Total Liquidity of the Pool

Understanding the total liquidity of the pool is vital for users to assess the depth and attractiveness of a particular farm. This metric provides insights into the overall scale and potential competition within the pool.

8. Your Share and Claimable Amount

Users can easily identify their share in the farm or pool and the corresponding claimable amount in the currency of the particular MasterChef. This empowers users to track their contributions and potential rewards accurately.

9. Claimable Amount in Dollar

The Farming/Pools Card also displays the claimable amount converted into dollars, offering users a clear understanding of the real-world value of their potential rewards.

Emission Explanation:

Emission refers to the process of issuing new tokens within a farm or pool as rewards for liquidity providers. These newly created tokens are distributed among participants based on their share of the total liquidity. Emission is a crucial aspect of yield farming, as it directly influences the potential returns for users. By providing this information on the Farming/Pools Card, the Farming Wizard ensures users have a transparent view of the reward structure and can make informed decisions based on the emission percentages associated with each farm.

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