Multiple boosters

The Hocus Pocus Spell NFT (Booster) is issued to all Hocus Pocus Sacrifice Spell NFT holders. These are the only holders who can directly use a boost of 10%, 20% or even 100%, which provides a boost to the yield percentage and the number of days. Only one booster can be used per brew process. For example, someone with a 100% boost can complete the brew process earlier than someone with a 10% boost and receives 100% more yield then without a booster. Your booster will not get burned, and you can use it every time when you start the brew process.

The booster in terms of percentages and days for using the Hocus Pocus Spell Booster are as follows: Booster 100%: 7 days, Booster 90%: 8 days, Booster 80%: 9 days, Booster 70%: 10 days, Booster 60%: 11 days, Booster 50%: 12 days, Booster 40%: 13 days, Booster 30%: 14 days, Booster 20%: 15 days, Booster 10%: 16 days and Without Booster: 30 days.

If you are a new Wizard and want to have a boost, you can always mint it on the PulseChain network but new NFTs are only issued with a 10% boost. However, you can forge two 10% NFTs together to form a 20% Booster NFT. This allows you to boost your Booster up to 100%, but it requires more mints.

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