Filter Features

1. Search Bar

The Farming Wizard's search bar is a cornerstone feature, allowing users to explore farms and pools using unique token tickers. By entering a specific token ticker, users can retrieve a comprehensive list of all associated pools and farms, streamlining the discovery process.

2. Display Options

Users can choose between a detailed version and an overview version of the farm/pool card, tailoring the level of information to their preferences. This flexibility ensures that users can access the details they need without unnecessary complexity.

3. MasterChef Contract Filtering

To cater to users with specific preferences, the Farming Wizard offers a MasterChef contract filter. This allows users to focus on farms and pools associated with a particular MasterChef contract. 4. Active and Finished Farms

The platform provides filters for both active and finished farms, enabling users to track ongoing opportunities and review past performance. This dynamic feature ensures that users are always informed about the latest farming opportunities while retaining historical data for analysis.

5. Personal Portfolio View

Users can filter farms and pools based on their staking status – whether active, unstaked, or stakeable. This feature provides users with granular control over their staked assets, optimizing their farming strategy in one click.

The Farming Wizard emerges as a powerful and user-centric tool within the PulseChain ecosystem. By combining simplicity with advanced filtering options, this platform revolutionizes the way users engage with MasterChef Farms and Pools. The Farming Wizard's innovative features empower users to navigate the vast landscape of DeFi with ease, making it an indispensable asset for PulseChain participants. As decentralized finance continues to grow, the Farming Wizard stands at the forefront, guiding users towards a more efficient and rewarding farming experience.

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