Staking, Unstaking, and Claiming Guide

1. Getting Started

To begin your journey with the Farming Wizard, start by navigating to the platform. If you don't have any stakes yet, the platform makes it seamless to initiate your staking process.

2. Staking

Click on the farm or pool of interest, and you'll find a 'Deposit' button. Clicking on this button triggers a pop-up window, allowing you to add your tokens manually or use a scrollbar to set the deposit amount as a percentage of your holdings.

Adding Tokens:

  • If you don't have the required token, the platform guides you via Piteas to the pair, ensuring you get the token at the best price.

  • For single-sided staking, the system routes you through Piteas to purchase the token before proceeding.

Token Recognition:

  • If you already possess the token, the platform immediately recognizes it in your wallet.

  • Similarly, for farming, if you have both tickers in your wallet, the platform identifies them, streamlining the process.

Adding Liquidity:

  • In cases where you lack the required tokens for farming, the system directs you via Piteas to acquire the token and Farming Wizard will guide you to the to the specified pool.

  • If you already have liquidity, the platform allows you to seamlessly add it to the chosen farm.

3. Claiming

Claiming your rewards is a straightforward process on the Farming Wizard. Locate the 'Claim' button, and upon clicking it, your MetaMask wallet will prompt for confirmation. This step initiates the claiming process, and your rewards are promptly added to your wallet.

4. Withdrawing

When you're ready to withdraw from a farm or pool, find the 'Withdraw' button. Clicking on it triggers a MetaMask pop-up for confirmation. After confirming the withdrawal, your staked assets are returned to your wallet, and any earned rewards are simultaneously claimed.

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