Brewing in the cauldron

If you want to brew HOC tokens in the Cauldron NFT, you can do this with a minimum duration of 30 days. By using a booster, you can speed up this process and boost your yield. You can initiate the Cauldron from the Cauldron page, but if you want to use a booster, you must do this from the Booster section.

When starting the Cauldron, it is important to make the right decision regarding the amount of tokens you want to allocate and the number of days you want to brew. Please be aware that you should not interrupt the brew process before the finish button appears. So, if you choose 30 days, your principals and yield will be available after 30 days. If you choose 365 days, your principals and yield will be available after 365 days. If you interrupt the process earlier, you will lose your principals and miss out on the yield. There are no penalties when ending your stake at a later stage, so you can claim it anytime after the brew process is finished. It is advisable to use the simulator before starting the brewing process.

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