Hocus Pocus has various types of yield that fit with various strategies. Whatever you do, always use the brew simulator first so you have the right strategy for the yield you want. This allows you to actively go through short cycles or even brew passively.

The base bonus yield of 3.69%, comes in multiple forms. For example, you can boost this with 10%, 20% and so on until 100% to reach a 7.38% APY which forms the booster bonus. You can, for instance, compound this every 7 days to get the best short term results with compounding.

In addition, there is a 'Longer Brews Better' bonus and, as the name suggests, you get a better yield bonus with a long brew. The longer you brew, the better the bonus becomes. The LBB adds 0.01845% APY daily, which can add up significantly. You can easily get a 6.734% APY with a 365 day brew, which can easily increase until the maximum brew of 3690 days with a yield of 68.081%. Be aware that if you end your brew too early, you will only get your principal and bonus yield that you have built up. This does not apply to the 'Longer Brews Better' bonus. This requires true dedication and is only available when the brew is finished. If you end too early, you will lose everything.

Calculating the yield for a 7-day cycle with a 100% booster: The base bonus and booster bonus both contribute 0.07076% (3.69% / 365 * 7), while the LBB adds another 0.00035384% (0.01845% * 7 / 365), summing up to a 7-day yield of 0.1418%.

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